Our next round of Fresh Meat begins on April 28th at 4 PM. Join us at MLK Jr. Park in Oceanside!

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Transfer skater? Email to learn about drop-in fees and joining the league.


give blood, play derby!

Can’t skate? Worried you might be too timid to play the ultimate female empowering sport? 

Not so, we can turn you into a bad ass Bettie in no time!!!

Women of all athletic abilities are encouraged to drop in to observe or join in during our Fresh Meat practices at Martin Luther King Park in Oceanside. Bring $10, a mouth guard and your attitude and we will take care of the rest. We have gear you can borrow until you are ready to commit, and work with you at your skill level.

Upon completion of our two 8-week training programs, simply pass your skills requirement test and you will be ready to bout!

You WILL get the bug and within the first month of training be prepared to outfit yourself with the following gear:

 - Helmet    - Knee Pads   - Elbow Pads    - Wrist Guards   

- Skates (quads only) -Mouth Guard

In order to get the best gear for the best value, any of the girls are more than happy to suggest brands and where to get them.